Fear. No wonder it is a stronghold. (What is a stronghold? http://www.gotquestions.org/spiritual-strongholds.html Think of all the things that are wrapped up in fear:

Failure:  When you are paralyzed to try something new or different from the start, and you are terrified you may not have what it takes to finish strong. So you never try, and this leads to regret. (If unchecked) 

Rejection:  When you are too afraid of coming face to face with the fact that not everyone is nice, nor will they like you. So, you never reach out and dissolve under another layer of loneliness and despair.

The Unknown:  When you just cannot function without knowing the end result or have an idea of what the future will hold. So, you miss out on opportunity after opportunity because you cannot take the leap of faith required.

Evil:  When you are blinded to the truth because you have believed the lies of the enemy and haven’t dealt with it in the way you are meant to, through Jesus. So, you fumble in the darkness and try to get out without a light source to guide you. And it was there all along.

I chose these particular fears because they are my kryptonite (My superhero loving husband is rubbing off on me, yikes!) I dealt with them for years, and also the other lovely emotions I described because I lived them on a regular basis. And they wore me out. 

Until the day I saw them go after my young daughter.  Something about a mama’s heart makes you really brave. Or feel really brave. I have imagined (not proudly) my plans of attack should anyone dare to come near me or my little ones with danger intent in their minds. It is a Diary of a Mad Black Woman (I am referencing the Tyler Perry movie!) moment. So I do not recommend chancing Mama Hulk over here. (Did it again)

So one day, I got enraged and decided to put that righteous anger where it belonged. Straight from where it came from. I prayed and cast out everything imaginable in Jesus’ name and read Bible verses like they were a script in an Armageddon play. Because, friends, they are. In an arena outside of the physical domain, our real enemies await, unmasked and ready to destroy our lives. And there is something that rises up inside me with determination when it comes to someone attacking my kids without them being able to defend themselves yet. And that is my job.

Jesus will always be Jesus. But He will only be your Jesus when you step out of the boat and walk toward Him. -Angie Smith in What Women Fear: Walking in Faith that Transforms

Friend, I encourage you to take back your life, place your fears on the altar and the Cross, and live your life in freedom! Jesus won the battle, you just have to claim the Victory! Start right now with turning on K-Love or Air One or any kind of praise music you can and worship. That will get you started because our enemy cannot stand praising God. So that is your first step! Open your Bible or YouVersion and get a plan on how to pray through this time in your life, whatever it may be. (I google Bible verses on breaking free or fear or anger or joy! Nice list to choose from!)

I also asked the Lord to show me what I needed to work on to be free from fear and learn how to trust and have my own faith to tend to. He did. And He will for you, too.


*Resources I used and were extremely helpful were the following, and I make $0.00 off anything I recommend. I just share because it spoke to me and triggered my heart to change. 


I use Amazon Smile and donate purchases to the Huntington’s Disease Society of America, but there are so many charities and missions that you can support just by using Amazon Smile. Same inventory as the regular Amazon, just donates percentages to a charity you choose, if I am correct.

Powerful prayer to break the spirit of fear in your life through Jesus’ name.

I started here and just did lesson after lesson, re-training my heart with Truth. Sometimes, you just need to have faith like a child and it is in a simple form that is easy to digest with little to no training before.