My husband has opened my world up in terms of television viewing. I would have been stuck in 90’s Sitcomville and cheesy Rom-Coms or Chris Evans’ filmography forever if not for his objections, er…suggestions. ❤️ We began watching a now cancelled  “Lie To Me” series starring Tim Roth, currently airing on Netflix. Roth stars as an eccentric, brilliant man who practically invented and perfected his form of the science of micro expressions and nonverbal communication. It is fascinating, yet very rough at times to watch. (Not for everyone) The Lightman Group is a team of specialists who consult with multiple organizations and agencies to find the truth in a case by reviewing the people involved and interacting with them. Disgust is an interesting micro expression to see. 

Disgust is one of the basic emotions of Robert Plutchik’s theory of emotions and has been studied extensively by Paul Rozin. It invokes a characteristic facial expression, one of Paul Ekman’s six universal facial expressions of emotion. Unlike the emotions of fear, anger, and sadness, disgust is associated with a decrease in heart rate.

Rozin P, Haidt J, & McCauley C.R. (2000) Disgust In M. Lewis & J.M. Haviland-Jones (Eds) Handbook of Emotions, 2nd Edition (pp637- 653). New York: Guilford Press

My personal opinion that I strictly use for my own reactions, is that when Disgust comes to visit; the jury and judge tend to come with her. 

See, in order for something to be disgusting to me, it would had to have passed through my morality filter, humor filter, acceptable standards filter, and made it through (So many jokes about these filters…) I will have had my own judgment on something that is nothing more than a culmination of my past and personal experiences and my personal bias due to any number of things because I am a woman. 😄 Truth. Or so I believe…

 “Girl, please.”

My daughter is great at letting me know if something disgusts her, while as her mother I have to be nice about it. 😄 But she exhibits the very face that we ourselves project on to other people who do not share our personal religious views, sexual preferences, political party or that color of dress she is wearing!!!!

You get the idea. We as a society have become warring over the idea of tolerance, in my opinion. Who is tolerant and who isn’t. Who is judging others and who has no right to do the same. Who thinks they are better than others because of their beliefs. Wait, Disgust also brings her along her snotty sister, Self-Righteousness. She is related to another older emotion, Anger, so you have to see how crowded your perceptions can get with all these people, errrr, emotions, influencing your decision. Because they ALL like to talk, don’t they?!

How about reducing all the noise to a reasonable roar up there? Jesus made it simple. Love others as He has loved us. Notice that it isn’t “Love others as you have loved the specific members of your family that are worthy of your love,” or “Love others only if they agree with your choices and views because they are clearly correct.” No, it’s “Love others as He has loved us.” The One who sent His Son to die for us before we were ever born. Hmmmm. That sounds pretty impossible to me. For good reason.

We have to lean on God to change our hearts toward Him first. Then, ask Him to help me and you love others. All of the time. To listen and not judge. To observe and show empathy. To relate and not criticize. To try. God is love. Probably not a better place to start to learn how to love than with Someone who is love.  Because everybody out there is fighting a battle, just like you. Let’s be kind because we are hard enough on ourselves. ❤️ (Which is a whole other topic for another day, right?)

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