I am a huge Oklahoma State fan, and these tragedies this weekend at the Homecoming parade weigh heavy on my mind and heart. It is impossible to make sense of what has happened, but it has made me hug my family tighter and appreciate my time more. This morning, I had the opportunity to hear from a talented and anointed pastor at the church I grew up in. He spoke about loving God and others today, and mentioned the story of The Good Samaritan. I love this story. I have always loved this story. Before you think I am morbid, I will explain! It gave me hope. And I think that is what we all needed to hear today was hope. That not all humanity is lost. That someone will stop and help us. Maybe not everyone. But someone.

I loved this story because I always imagined myself as someone who would definitely have stopped and been the Samaritan. No way was I that snooty old priest flannel character on the board when I learned this story. (Remember Bible story flannel boards?? Kids today will never know…) But then, if I really checked myself completely…would I have? 

Would I have stopped if I was late to something?

Would I have stopped if it was inconvenient for me?

Would I have stopped if it meant it would cost me something? 

Would I have stopped if it meant I had to make a future commitment to something?

Because that is what the Good Samaritan did. He didn’t just stop. He dressed the victim’s wounds; he took him on his own donkey; and he placed him in an inn and made an agreement to come back and pay for the man’s room. That is more than stopping. That is loving somebody like we are called to do. 

I had to deal with the harsh reality that I wasn’t doing so well in dealing with anything or anyone that seemed to bump into my happy. And there was no way I was going to think about anybody else when all I was focused on was how this world and its inhabitants were affecting me. Serious reality check. And now that I am cured from this ridiculous mindset, I am raising a 4 year old clone of myself who believes it more than I ever did, and is also unfortunately stubborn like her mama. Prayers encouraged and appreciated.

The truth is, nothing can break us of ourselves except our Jesus. He already won the Victory. It is ours to claim. And if that does not stir up hope inside of you, then read that again. 😄

We are called to love others. Above and beyond what is considered the minimum standard of care. Lifting people up in prayer and reaching out to help is a great way to start.

As Oklahomans, we are specialists in that department. We know how to stop and give of ourselves and our time and our resources. We stand by each other and hold each other up. #oklahomafamily

Photo Credits: http://m.eonline.com/news/709903/tragedy-in-stillwater-oklahoma-state-fellow-teams-pay-tribute-to-3-killed-during-homecoming-parade