Have you ever carried something around so long that you had the thought where you did not think you could physically take one more moment? Like your tendons would snap. (I tend to be dramatic or so they tell me) It could be a dramatic emotional event that is significant to you, or a lingering trust issue due to a failed relationship, or even consequences of bad choices you have made in your life. Whatever it is. It’s heavy. It hurts. And we all carry them in different places. 

Sometimes it shows up in our necks. Tight, strained, and painful. Lower backs or middle of the back, or even shoulders can bear the weight of our stress. We fight off pain, daily. We become stress warriors with ibuprofen and yoga as weapons. Temporarily helpful, but not an effective long term strategy. Overall, it is just a weight or a culmination of weights that we weren’t meant to bear. 


A yoke is defined as: 

Yoke – used of something that is regarded as oppressive or burdensome.

The yoke of perfectionism is exhausting. Followed around by legalism and self righteousness can be fatal to your soul. These burdens were bought and paid for by the best carrying service in the biz. So why do we still choose to struggle? Because we need to stop and listen.

Lay it down at the feet of Jesus and we walk away different people. Changed from the inside out. The Holy Spirit will do a work in us that cannot be explained. You are a world changer for God. He wants to mold you into the person you were meant to be, experiences and all. Your skills, talents, gifts and passions are uniquely scripted in your book. 

Chase your dreams down. You can’t run fast enough with that stuff weighing you down! Deal with the unforgiveness, dig up those roots and face the pain. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s worth the effort because of the sacrifice Jesus already made. Claim it. Walk in it. Change the world. It needs you in it, especially at a time such as this. 

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