Warning. Raw Truth Check Ahead.

There are some insecurities that I have struggled with for a long time. I think that maybe I have healed a little bit and am better, then something is said or I am put in a situation where they come creeping back and start to haunt me again. Today was one of those days. I realize how little I can do in the flesh and how amazingly loud my flesh can talk. And how fast my heart believes it. It is scary. 

“You’ll never have it altogether like she does. She doesn’t have a weight problem like you do. She is gorgeous. Look at how big their house is. They have an amazing career. Not starting over like you. Look at their children’s clothes! No wrinkles, perfect bows, and those cookies are definitely Pinterest worthy.”

I love this quote by Steven Furtick and I think it is true. But there are also insecurities that can develop because of other people’s words. When someone has said things about you that are hurtful, it is really hard to forget. It feels like your soul is a target and these words are darts that pierce much deeper than the surface. They penetrate into your core if you let them. Unfortunately, I did. Words hurt and when someone never asks you for forgiveness, it hurts even worse. Now it is a process. Now is where I should have turned to Jesus years ago when it happened, but didn’t for whatever reason. So, I stop. I try not let the familiar pangs of offense and bitterness run over me like a flood. It is hard, people. But Jesus told us it would be, right? Where was that… 2 Corinthians 4:8-9. (I googled it, but you know that by now!😄)

2 Corinthians 4:8-9 International  Children’s Bible (ICB)

8 We have troubles all around us, but we are not defeated. We do not know what to do, but we do not give up. 9 We are persecuted, but God does not leave us. We are hurt sometimes, but we are not destroyed.

I LOVE this. And I don’t care if it is the kids’ version because I will be honest and say I need it right now. I am not very spiritually mature in this area. We have troubles, but we are not defeated. No clue what to do, but we do not give up. We feel alone and are frustrated, but God does not leave us. We have darts thrown at our targets sometimes, but it does not destroy us. 


The other verse that came up when I googled. John 16:33.

John 16:33 The Message (MSG)

31-33 Jesus answered them, “Do you finally believe? In fact, you’re about to make a run for it—saving your own skins and abandoning me. But I’m not abandoned. The Father is with me. I’ve told you all this so that trusting me, you will be unshakable and assured, deeply at peace. In this godless world you will continue to experience difficulties. But take heart! I’ve conquered the world.”

What does that mean?  We have victory. Victory over our past and this includes past hurts that cause present insecurities. Jesus was nailed to the cross so His love could pour out over us. That covers any and all holes the enemy could try to pierce us with. 


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