Storms are funny things. They can bring much needed nourishment to the land or they can destroy it completely; mutilating the landscape to an unrecognizable state. These storms can be in physical in nature or emotional as well. The ones that are emotional are harder to see to people on the outside, but they rage within us until they (or we) reach a breaking point. 

Storms can sometimes last only a day or so but the effects can last for years or even a lifetime. You lose your job and can’t find work so finances spiral out of control. Depression and heaviness make everyday life difficult to enjoy and not by choice. Tensions are high and so are tempers. Or maybe there is no one around when you need them most. The enemy loves to prey on people in storms. It’s cruel, wicked, and some of his favorite targets.  “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8 He loves to bring his friends Anxiety, Worry, Anger, Fear and Self Pity to create a perfect storm for each person and it is a potent combination made just for you. How thoughtful, right? šŸ˜” 

It is easy to fall into this thinking, especially if our mind is on our circumstances and how we are going to try and fix our problems. (Speaking from experience) I can get so consumed with trying to find a solution that I start to doubt God will do anything for me. Not that He can. That He will. Now who does that sound like? I would never let my kids even talk that way or let them think that way for a second. So why do I? Hmmmmm….. This faith walk truly is a journey. And I am going to be really honest and say that sometimes it gets really frustrating. Storms roll in and there is too much debris left that hasn’t been cleaned up from the last one that marched through. I stand in a mess and the land is, well, parched. “What do you want me to do, God? What is the answer? What am I supposed to do?”

Plant the seed. “Huh?”

Plant the seed. 

I heard a story today. One that I had never heard before. It’s in Genesis, Chapter 26. Isaac, Abraham and Sarah’s (our take charge gal pal from a few weeks ago) promised son. There is a famine in the land and so Isaac decides to do what his dad did. Go to Egypt. But God tells him to stay and sow seeds and He will bless him. Isaac did and God blessed him a hundredfold. Not just a little bit. And you know Isaac had to be thinking ummmm, God? There is a famine? You gonna send some rain…… Okay…. Scripture doesn’t say anything about a special rain cloud over his crops or anything like that. However, he and his servants dug wells and hit water so many times, that this article I found suggested irrigation was the source of the blessing; which I found interesting because I believe that God can use anything!


Plant the seed. Whatever it is. If it is a dream, don’t give up! If it is a goal, do it! (I am talking to myself here, as well!) Talk to or bless that person God has put on your heart or mind. Be there for that person who doesn’t have anyone else to talk to. You might be the only Jesus they will ever see, hear or experience this side of heaven. šŸ˜„šŸ˜‡ā¤ļø

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