There is something about a healing. It can be little or remarkable, and it is the moment that the first rays of confirmational hope begin to shine in on your soul. You can close your eyes and begin to feel a renewal that is exciting and welcomed. It could be physical, after a major surgery that is an answer to many people’s prayers; or a spiritual healing and you realize that you were never forgotten or being passed over. It just wasn’t the right time yet. But now it is.


I love studying personality tests and seeing what people’s results are. I find it is extremely helpful to learn how to understand someone better, and helps relationships heal. (Understanding is surprisingly helpful! πŸ˜„) I tested as a Sanguine-Melancholy blend (opposite, so life can get very interesting in my head!) and I researched Biblical temperaments similar to mine. King David was thought to be a San-Mel and he wrote a lot of Psalms. He had many times that he experienced healing, and was able to capture some of the most beautiful scripture ever written. (But I may be a bit biased πŸ˜‰) It is in Psalm 30.

         Joy Comes with the Morning

A Psalm of David. A song at the dedication of the temple.

30 I will extol you, O Lord, for you have drawn me up

 and have not let my foes rejoice over me.

2 O Lord my God, I cried to you for help,

    and you have healed me.

3 O Lord, you have brought up my soul from Sheol;

    you restored me to life from among those who go down to the pit.[a]

4 Sing praises to the Lord, O you his saints,

    and give thanks to his holy name.[b]

5 For his anger is but for a moment,

    and his favor is for a lifetime.[c]

Weeping may tarry for the night,

    but joy comes with the morning.

6 As for me, I said in my prosperity,

    β€œI shall never be moved.”

7 By your favor, O Lord,

    you made my mountain stand strong;

you hid your face;

    I was dismayed.

8 To you, O Lord, I cry,

    and to the Lord I plead for mercy:

9 β€œWhat profit is there in my death,[d]

    if I go down to the pit?[e]

Will the dust praise you?

    Will it tell of your faithfulness?

10 Hear, O Lord, and be merciful to me!

    O Lord, be my helper!”

11 You have turned for me my mourning into dancing;

    you have loosed my sackcloth

    and clothed me with gladness,

12 that my glory may sing your praise and not be silent.

    O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever!

That is pretty awesome. I mean, the guy knew something about redemption and showed us how to give thanks for it pretty well… Another great story of healing is the faith of the Centurion in Matthew 8:5-13. A Centurion basically goes to Jesus and asks him to heal his servant because he’s sick. Jesus is cool with that, so He asks the Centurion if He wants Him to ride along. The Centurion says in verse 8 in The Children’s Bible because it is what I have and like now: πŸ˜„

The officer answered, β€œLord, I am not good enough for you to come into my house. All you need to do is command that my servant be healed, and he will be healed. 9 I myself am a man under the authority of other men. And I have soldiers under my command. I tell one soldier, β€˜Go,’ and he goes. I tell another soldier, β€˜Come,’ and he comes. I say to my servant, β€˜Do this,’ and my servant obeys me.

10 When Jesus heard this, he was amazed. He said to those who were with him, β€œI tell you the truth. This man has more faith than any other person I have found, even in Israel.”

Jesus was amazed at this guy’s faith. That is what can get God’s attention. Our faith and our perseverance to believe. When it doesn’t look good and the outcome isn’t what you wanted. Or what you would have planned. We must press into our God when our feelings want to do the opposite. The best way? I am a rather stubborn person at times (and apparently a feeler), so I have to decide. Then make myself. (Thus, interesting battles in my head during this part of the plan) Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it feels impossible. Why?  Because I forget about all the times that God has healed me…even when I wasn’t begging for it. 

I found a journal from three years ago from my quiet times with Jesus. I turned the pages and began to feel those dogged gone heated tears spring up in my eyes as I re-read all the little miracles and big things (eye surgery) that changed me piece by piece over the years. How could I forget? I am so glad I wrote them down. I highly encourage anyone to keep a prayer and or quiet time journal/log. It is such a healing all over again to remember all those times God heard you and answered your prayers. Gratitude makes a healing and a heart complete. Jesus healed 10 lepers in Luke 17:11. But He completely restored only the one who came back to give Him his grateful sobs of thank you for changing my life forever. And what sweeter sound is that to anyone’s ears? ❀️

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