There are so many people to thank and I do not want to forget anyone. We realize you took time out of your own schedule to stop and pray for us, or do things for us, or think about us, and we are very grateful. 

From the beginning to the end, my parents. You were there, you drove, you prayed, you activated prayer chains, you updated people when I could not. Thank you so much for holding me up when I needed it. 

Same for Richard’s parents, and his nephew. They came all that way and took Ian with them so he would not have to be in the stressful environment anymore and have a place to sleep and be with family to comfort him. 

My aunts and uncle that drove immediately without question (even when a deer tried to stop her) and they prayed and sustained us. No words to say how much it ministered to us. 

Our pastor who drove and prayed over our daughter and with us. The beautiful balloons from our sweet cousins and the overnight prayer teams that formed for our little girl. 

Our amazing teacher and best friend who drove to check on our sweet girl and pray with her and us. 

A pledge sister from dear old Kappa Delta, that I had not seen in over 10 years brought us food, water, the best entertainment ever, (People and US Weekly mags for Mom), homemade Christmas candy with Christmas plates and all, toilet paper, and Kleenexes with lotion. A true sister. Sarah Beth, you touched my heart. AOT, love you girl.

Our best friends that brought us food, laughter, long hugs, prayers, tears, stories, and presents. You are amazing people. We are lucky to know you.

Then there were the heroes back home. The people who came over and cleaned our house and got it ready for us when we got back home. They immediately washed our clothes and cleaned our house and wrapped presents because they are amazing people who we couldn’t live without. It is an amazing thing to be a part of a family. 

The multiple church and school families and all of our friends and networks we have met you through regardless of our differences, thank you for praying for and/or thinking about us. We have, in the past, developed a bad habit of getting busy in our world and this has shown us how much we need other people in this life. We are so thankful and grateful for you. We may never get to thank you in person (although I hope someday we will!), but know we are passing it forward to others. 

Thank you. ā¤ļø The world needs more people like you. šŸ˜‡

We are grateful. ā¤ļø