I decided I am leaving our tree up all year long in 2016. Yep. No, not because I’m lazy. (Although I have considered how nice it will be not to haul the thing back up the narrow attic stairs. Okay, my husband haul the thing back up the narrow attic stairs.😉) Because this Christmas was so significant to us this year, and it had nothing to do with any of the celebrations  or presents (although they were cherished and brighter this year). It had everything to do with the One whose birthday we were celebrating. Jesus. Our Healer.

I have been known to have an “Old Testament Israelite” mentality in the past. I was quick to forget the miracles and slow to remember in whom I should place my faith in. Mostly that it was not myself or others. Apparently, I need documentation so I can recall past events better. Well, this year I will have a tree to remind me. 

It’s not just a Christmas tree. It’s a Giving Thanks Memory Tree. All year. Each month, the kids and I plan to make ornaments about significant events, lessons, and or memories we made during those 30 plus days. December should bring a tree full of all kinds of unique ornaments that have meaning to each of us. But we won’t have to wait until December to be reminded of these things. We can look at them any day of the year. Because sometimes tangible reminders are good for this Sanguine. 😄

It’s a new year. New starts, do-overs, chances to try something different or keep on keeping on on a path that is working for you. New = Potential. And Potential = Hope. (Nicky Math) Hope is pretty important to us humans (especially parents and teachers). I will set goals this year and try to achieve them, but even if I don’t, my focus is that my faith continues to grow. I know that it will if I choose to walk down that “western” path. I heard a beautiful message this morning that inspired me. Here is the link:

I must choose which path I will take. Do I really believe He is God and His Word is true? That was a decision I had to make for myself. I chooseto believe what He said in Jeremiah when He promised His plans for our lives are good. They are plans to prosper us and not to harm us. Plans for hope and a future. Pretty exciting and fitting for a new year. ❤️😄😇

Happy 2016.