Have you ever thought that you had finally dealt with an issue, only to be proven very wrong one day? Well, I do. I wasn’t even aware that I felt a certain way about something until I was faced with it head on. Oh, I had an opinion on it alright, and I realized quickly that I had work yet to do on my attitude about it. And no clue about what or how to do it except the same old routine… So, God, apparently I am not over this. I could sure use some help. He had to be sick of hearing this by now. I was sick of saying it.

And then, He answered me. Put it down, before it ruins you. I felt those words speak deep into my heart. All I could do was say, okay. (I mean, what do you say at that point?!) And suddenly, it all made sense. Put the bitterness down, before resentment ruins your character. Put the food down that is not giving you life and nutrition that you need before it ruins your health. Put the phone, computer, job, and obsessions down before it costs you your precious time with your kids while you have it. Put it down, before it ruins you. Whatever it is. That’s where I need to start. What a great Jesus, to help when we ask Him. ❤️

I knew right away my attitude was poor. Okay, not immediately. But closer than it used to be. (Work in progress) I knew I had a choice to make: wallow in past circumstances or make the decision to think about something else. Something worth my time to focus on and not a trap to lead me down a dead end path. No, I am not there yet. But, I am okay with that. For once in my life, I am okay with that. 

Surrender is a scary word. People tend to associate it with loss. Loss of identity. Loss of choice. Loss of control. It is understandable that there is a lot of negative connotation to the thought of surrendering to something or someone else. Especially if that someone or something is invisible, we cannot understand the purpose of the circumstances we are facing and we are not told, and we are expected to have complete faith in the invisible everythings. It is difficult until it becomes tangible to you. Until you witness a miracle that you will never forget. Or you have an experience that changes your heart and your mind forever. Sometimes it something small. Other times it is a Pastor returning home from a country after years in a prison that seemed certain to claim his life. Miracles are all around us. You are one. I am one. Everyone is someone’s miracle. It would be pretty hard to resent a miracle…

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