I am just going to be honest and say that I really hate it when my feelings get hurt. Not because of the actual hurt feelings, although those are not particularly pleasant. No, I am talking about the reaction my body has to my feelings being hurt. You may know the one. My nose starts to run and gets all red and my eyes’ temperature begins to rise to about 120 degrees or so. Then, these embarrassingly HUGE, crocodile tears start to fall out of nowhere and hopefully there is nothing made of paper nearby because that’s long gone. Ugh!!! I hate it. I try to talk myself out of it for a good long while and then there comes the threshold that is crossed where you know you’d better find a private place because you are about to embarrass yourself. At least, this is my experience. But what if there’s more behind this than just some tissues and ruined mascara? What is the point?

This is the point that I can’t stop the invisible from impacting the realm of the visible. The real world. The place where people can see you and judge you and hurt you. See, I think that’s the way the enemy wants us to view the world when we are in a vulnerable state. Because then we will be defensive. We will choose to guard our feelings so no one will know what is really going on. Are there positives to this? Sure, some. But when we feel something to an absolute extreme, usually at the expense of another; maybe that should be a warning sign to us. Hmmmm. Maybe there’s more here than what meets what we can actually see with our human eyes and feel with our human hearts. It could be an attack with the purpose of destroying our hearts of compassion and love for others like Christ. 


We’ve got to reimagine our minds to look like a battlefield, like Joyce Meyer wrote about so well. And we will need to suit up in some armor that Paul talks about in Ephesians. We must wear our armor and imagine our minds as a place where we must diligently go and not wander aimlessly because if we aren’t careful, there is this lion…


He wants us to disconnect from others and God. This way, we are easily swayed and believe the lies he wants to feed us. But he’s already defeated. So let’s take back our feelings and our relationships he tried to destroy. Because we do need those in our lives. I heard something in my Bible Study (Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer) that really stuck with me. “Feelings don’t have intellect.” Such a simple statement, but it had a profound impact on me by the very nature of it. I had never considered it before, yet how many times had I made decisions based only on my feelings? (Scariness.) Something to consider and ponder . ❤️😄😇

Personal Note from Nicky:

I believed a lie for a long time that cost me many years of growing and learning from Christian study and fellowship with others. There is so much to glean from other people who are living this life and fighting similar battles just like us. I am in a Bible Study for the first time in my life and I absolutely love it. We finally chose our church home that we had been struggling to find a home for over six years. I am in a program that holds me accountable to getting up at five in the morning and devoting one hour to Him five  days a week. I am NOT a morning person and I have failed, but, I can’t stop doing it. This is not bragging. Please, please understand. I tried to do this Christian life on my own thinking thatChristian communities   wouldn’t want someone like me. I believed a lie for a really long time and I see now what I could have been experiencing all these years. Please don’t make the same mistake I did. Connect where you can. Get support from people who will pray for you and encourage you. Send me a message or comment and we can start a group right here on this blog! We can do something together and pray for each other. Because sometimes we need some help and some encouragement and prayers on our behalf. ❤️❤️
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