Have you ever felt a gentle nudge in your soul to do or say something that is completely out of your comfort zone? For me, it’s usually talking to someone I have never met (that honestly usually looks like they do not want to be bothered), paying a complete stranger a random compliment, paying for someone’s groceries, or just something that generally puts me in a position to be easily rejected or scoffed at. At least, that’s the view that I argue internally, even when I know somewhere deep down it is worth it to follow through. I wrestle. I wrestle with convenience versus humility. Will I obey? 

When I do, sometimes, I see what’s on the other side of the nudging. A worn smile lights up a tired face and eyes fill with tears. Mine do too, because I can’t believe I have ever said no to an opportunity to bless someone. But to be truthful, I have. Many times. I was in a funk. Full of my own selfish junk that day and I was blinded to the needs of others because my eyes were completely focused on my own. I could have missed this. A moment on this side of eternity that a moment God reached down and touched someone in exactly the way he or she needed and offered hope in the season they were in. He doesn’t need me to do this. I can stay in my funk stage however long I want to, but He was trying to bless me as well and show me something incredible. It probably would have helped me out if I had chosen to act. But that is the key. I have to actively choose to be open to the call… 


I have noticed an curious phenomenon lately. When you smile at a child or compliment them while they are doing something, their beautiful, innocent faces just begin to beam. It is the coolest thing in the world to make a child gain confidence about something they are learning. You can see it radiate into whatever they are doing and activate their confidence. Don’t we all like to be appreciated for something we are working at? Some more celebrated more than others of course, but the need for approval is strong.  Isn’t it funny the very same need (for approval) is what swings the outcome so many times to determine if we follow through and put ourselves out there for God or if we smile, nod and then finish out a perfectly good day. 


Jesus wants us to love other people as He loves the Church. Also known as us. We may not sponsor a million children all over the world. But we can sponsor one. We may not be able to encourage everyone. But we can tell that Pinterest Mom in your class how great her Valentine’s she hand made for her daughter was and how much your girl or boy enjoyed getting one! You never know what battle people are fighting. You may be that ray of hope someone has been desperately praying to see. All we have to do is step out. Be brave. Be bold. Be kind. ❤️

I love the lyrics to this song and it is really speaking to me right now:

“You Make Me Brave” by Bethel Music

Need courage? Listen here: http://youtu.be/6Hi-VMxT6fc

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