Grieving is a peculiar thing. It sounds like it is a singular description of a destination. Something that is a place, a state, or somewhere you arrive and then someday…leave. But those of us who have truly known it can attest to the complete inaccuracy of this statement.

It’s a journey. 

It is starting at a point from having something feel like it is literally being ripped from your chest and you cannot catch a breath, or stand, or even see. Weight. So much weight, it is physically painful. And then moving toward another point where time passes and our lives move forward. We learn new routines and habits but not because we want to. It’s because we must. Days dawn and suns set. Then, one day, out of nowhere, a particular song pierces your heart or you pass a place of significance to a person that you lost.  And you are right back where you were that day when everything changed and you can feel it all over again. You grieve all over again. If only grieving was a singular state…

There’s a woman in the Bible who can empathize with grief and loss. Her name is Naomi (of the Judds from the Old Testament. Sorry, bad prime country music pun here. 😁) She lived during a time of famine and moved with her husband to Moab, with her two sonsin tow.Then, her husband passes away and leaves her alone to raise the boys herself in a new, famine-stricken land. (She could definitely write a country song or two.) Well, she raises them. They marry Ruth and Orpah (not Oprah, like I thought for a few years. The Judds and Oprah. I have now totally messed up the Book of Ruth forever…) and then the sons die. So now you have Naomi grieving literally all of the men in her life because they have died. She is a little bitter. 

She sends the girls away but Ruth refuses to leave her side. God just wouldn’t let her be alone, no matter how much she tried to push people away. He fought to love her no matter what. His love won over and ended up with a beautiful story highlighting Ruth’s compassion and loyalty along with Boaz’s redemption, kindness, favor and love that produced Obed, King David’s grandfather. 

Oh, and later on down the family line, Jesus Christ, Himself. I personally kind of think these traits are hidden gems in these stories leading up to His coming that help us understand who He really is. But that is just a neat way to help me piece the Bible together (and  I probably heard it somewhere along the way!)


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