Anyone who knows me for very long knows that my favorite movie is “Gone With the Wind,” and my favorite character and icon is Scarlett O’Hara. Now, most people are probably thinking…wow, really? She is spoiled, bratty, entitled, conniving, and has an evil, jealous streak. (This is partly true for some of the movie and book.) She could be a diva. She was extremely “sinful.” Scarlett was shallow, petty and lusted after the heart of Ashley Wilkes, even after he married St. Melanie. 

Melanie, who loved Scarlett, unconditionally and who saw who she would become before Scarlett herself realized it. Some say that the great love in this great movie is Rhett and Scarlett. There is truth to that. But I love the way Melanie loved Scarlett. She believed in her, extended her trust, friendship, forgiveness and mercy before Scarlett could even bring herself to ask for it. She was a saint, in many’s eyes. After all, who could love someone like Scarlett? 

I personally think what makes this story an epic is that it shows the development of the individual characters and the relationships between them during the book and film. (It’s a long story so there is lots of time to do this! πŸ˜„) But Margaret Mitchell did it well. The Scarlett that emerges at the end of the story is completely different than the one that started it. She became strong, provided for people, learned how to put others first and gained new perspectives on her situations. She lived through a lot of tragedy and strife. Some argue she brought it on herself and that could be true. But she never gave up. She was stubborn but strong. Sometimes she had to learn things the hard way. That’s a problem that comes with stubbornness. 

I guess I always identified with Scarlett a little bit. I was a lot like her when I was in my immature youth and twenties. Then, life happened. You learn what real problems are and gain new perspectives that grow you as a person. It isn’t always an uphill climb. Sometimes, it is a downward slope. Like Melanie was to Scarlett, we have Someone that believes in us, loves us, and will forgive us. Not to say that Melanie was Jesus, but she lent these attributes to a character that showed how He has them and shows them to us. It is an epic story that we can be a part of if we choose to be. We can even choose how big of a role we want in God’s kingdom by how much we are willing to let go of ourselves. Jesus said to take up our crosses and follow Him.

Through the peaks. The successes and glory we achieve in this life. Happy moments and cherished memories. 

In the valleys. When we can’t walk another step because we are grieving too much. The pain of loss grips us and it changes us. 

Every situation, we take up our cross and follow Him. (Or try really hard to remember to) Grace is pretty awesome. I need a lot of it and I need to extend more of it. This is our journey. Until we are “Gone With the Wind” and where we belong. πŸ˜„β€οΈπŸ˜‡
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