It is Mother’s Day and while Moms around the world are needed, loved and appreciated every day, it is nice to have a holiday. However, sometimes it is overshadowed with a feeling of loss and mourning for a person or an idea of a person causes pain instead of joyfulness. So, this Mother’s Day, I want to include everyone. Sorry, but I have to start with an ode to my family. They are like all stars in a hall of fame. My favorite Aunts, amazing Grannies (plural of Grannys? Not sure…), sisters and cousins are some of the most amazing people on this planet. 

First, here’s to my mom. She gave up a great deal of her identity when I was born. It took her a long time to get a new one. Yea, I noticed, Mom. I wish I had realized so much more so much sooner and maybe I could have spared you some pain. I’m so sorry about that.  I never knew how much you sacrificed and I know you never considered it that. Now, I truly understand it. Thank you for loving me in every hour. Both when it was only by the grace of God I survived with my smart mouth and when you felt love overloading and overfilling your cup. You taught me so much without instruction. Thank you for showing up when you didn’t want to. For sticking it out when you never thought I would ever understand what you were trying to teach me at the time. Thanks for trying and feeling like you could have done better. You couldn’t have, by the way. It was exactly what I needed. You were exactly who I needed and God knew we would need each other. Now I am a mom and a step-mom. I have the two best examples of that in my mom and dad. Everything I would need to be equipped, you have given me and continue to guide me when I need help, still. I’m sorry, you’re stuck with me forever and neither of my parents can go anywhere, lol! I still have a lot of growing up to do!

Nana, you are such a gift. You are so beautiful and amazing. Your talents that you share with us make us feel special and loved and cared for. Thank you for sharing your loves in this life with us. It enriches our lives and hearts more than you will ever imagine. ❤️

To my Grannies and my Great Grannies (still not sure on plural of Grannys!):

You were each nothing short of precious gifts from God. Each one of you is such an amazing woman and have so much to teach us from your lives and your experiences. You lived your lives full of love and caring for others so abundantly. May I be even a little bit more like each of you. The world needs more of you in it. 

To All Moms,

Whether you are mama to a fur baby or babies, undergoing diabolical fertility treatments, trying your best right now with teenagers or toddlers, or whether you are trying to overcome the void where a mother should be right now:

Thank you for your love. You put yourself out there for your dreams and your children. We do the best with what we have and know. Bless you today and always. You make our world better with what you bring every day, even if you feel you ain’t bringing anything at all! You are. Your presence is a gift to all. Even when it feels like it it invisible. (We all know about those days!) You matter to everyone, even if you are already on to the next realm of this life. You mattered. You made an impact. We celebrate you. To those sweet mamas who are missing one of their own today: we love you. Your strength and compassion are never lost on anyone, including our God. Your crown will never be able to encompass all the jewels you are to those you know and do not know but touch from your stories. To those without their moms, much love to you. You’re beautiful, remembered and cherished by those who may not have given you the gift of life, but whom you have given life to them. You’re loved by more than you will ever know.

The Bible highlights all kinds of moms. Jochebed is one of my favorites because I am a stepmother. Jochebed found Baby Moses in the river and raised him as her own. She chose to mother a baby that she did not give birth to herself, but realized she was a part in his story that God was going to tell about redemption, love and sacrifice. Sarah represents a lot of us who are guilty of trying to manufacture miracles instead of waiting for them to happen in God’s timing. Her heart meant well but she wanted the best for her baby and as soon as possible… Sound familiar? Does to me! Rebekah, the wife of Isaac, Abraham’s promised son, struggled with infertility. You know, Abraham. The one whose descendants were supposed to be like stars and infertility is in the bloodline that is made this promise? And yet, she still chose to believe God. Her son, Jacob, would become a powerful lesson to all in how God can radically change a person’s life at any age and time. Ruth embedded loyalty and goodness in her great grandson King David. Deborah shepherded the people of her kingdom throughout her rule and example. End thoughts to sum up this long post? God loves mothers and can use all of the situations (from the most bleak and hopeless to the strongest believer’s) and use them for Eternal, Kingdom Changers and Builders forever. 

Like Mary, we look fear and uncertainty and doubt in the eye and say, Yes, Lord. We will follow. Wherever this road takes me, you can use it for good. 

Thank you, Moms. Rock on!

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