My very wise mother offered an intriguing proposition to me, recently. (She is the poor soul that knows my passionate side, which can often lead me into trouble without checking in with God consistently.) She and my husband are the lucky two people that tend to have front row seats to my dramatic “struggles.” She calmly nudged me to a thirty (30) day Immersion in God’s Word and fervently seek Him. It hit me like a ton of bricks… Of course.  What a novel concept! I have learned this, and this gives me great hope. My mom is the greatest mom there could ever be. She is a tenacious, ferocious and fervent prayer warrior. Someone who makes me realize I have enormous opportunities and the ability to train alongside a family full of faith filled men and women willing to wage in any war that involves our Savior and our children’s souls. Sounds pretty grim worded that way. However, it doesn’t make it less true. What does that look like on a day to day basis?

I,myself, am in a time of waiting. No clear picture has been given to me about my future; and yesterday, I stopped asking for one. I am just fulfilling the requirements, applications and passing tests in the physical realm that are stepping stones to getting to the next level. I sometimes get frustrated and let my feelings get the best of me. I just finally figured out that I can either believe that God has a plan for me, or I can decide to doubt it. Isn’t it interesting that whether or not I choose to believe there is a plan for my life, that does nothing to change the fact that a plan does exist. These are the choices (or really the series of choices) we will have to make time and again, and with fervance and consistency. The enemy will wedge doubts and hurl discouragements at us. God is our Deliverer and He will avenge our common enemy like He says in His Word. I believe His Word. That is my choice. For many years, it was not my choice. Now and forever for me, it is. 

What do we do to avoid fearful worries about how long the wait it and the what ifs spiral out of my control during day to day living? Step away from the what ifs. Pick up the Word. What does delight yourself in the Lord and my strength comes from the Lord mean on a personal level to you?  Formulate questions. Then ask for guidance in answering them.

So. Who’s with me? I am new to online challenges, but I can get something to pull together as the devotion or topics that we face. Should be a completely emotional month that will remind us why we are Christ followers.❤️

I will start a Facebook page and make it open to anyone who wants to collaborate and share..

Watch for details about Immersion 2016…#immersedin16

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In a Season of Waiting? Delight Yourself in the Lord