Moms know what Mom Guilts are. It is a lot like Fight Club. We all know the reality of it, yet no one discusses it. Mom Guilts have no respect for you, period. What is a Mom Guilt? I am so glad you asked! Late when you picked up your daughter, Shame. You forgot snack day? Doomed. Your turn comes around A LOT. Or else you forget a lot. Either way, no good can possibly come from it! My baby rolled herself off the couch and I was distraught. I just knew I was not capable enough for caring for someone else. That thought terrified me. I was never great at being responsible for myself. I certainly am only alive now because my grandparents prayed. But now, this is the biggest assignment you can have, and you feel like you are blowing it. How did our grandmothers handle our mothers? Did our mothers freak out like this? Or did they just take it in stride?

Because the best role goes to the grandmother. Pretty sure that is why you have to work your way up if you are fortunate enough to finally lay heir to the throne. Here, you are the wisest. You know exactly what fears to pray against as daughters. How to pray for your daughter. You have now been in each of the other two girls’ positions, so you have experience on your side. Which is a lot to learn and the opportunity to enrich and bless your kids and your grandkids! But finally, as Oma, Nonna, Granny, MissDiane, Gigis and Grandmas get their starring role.

What legacy is going to be left for the next wave of moms to be in your family that can encourage them in just the right way at the right time. Your world slows down and you have time for these things the grandkids are doing and that is great. The grandparents shouldn’t forget to encourage and sharpen your children as parents. They are still your kids that are experiending a major new growth phase. Don’t leave them alone when they may need you most. You are coming out of this time period they are living in. No chastising, just solid experience still fresh to an extent. Opportunities for fences to be mended or families to heal. Heal together. Enrich your own experience. 

Some of us do not have kin we can do life with. That is tricky, but still try to bring peace as far as you go. Friends are the family you choose for yourselves, some say. Friends and life groups or care groups are great for support. A great environment can help us know that we are not alone. We are not the worst moms ever..usually. Sometimes motherhood is isolating and you feel so many emotions with your children. If you’re not rooted in the Word, you may need friends to back you up, support you and encourage you to keep going and trying. It takes a village.

We can break the Mom Guilts with circles of women saying yes to Jesus and leaving the guilt for him. He offered to carry it for us. Let Him. ❤️

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