I realized I had done posts about Moms, but not about Dads. This is crazy because I have a Dad that is an incredible person. He is smart, practical, logical and very insightful. He’s dealt with a scared girl who was 5 to a mouthy teen with a passion for everything. He is a quiet guy but when he speaks, it is worth hearing.He stepped in, stepped up and stepped out in faith.  He did all of this and he didn’t have to. See, my dad adopted me when I was 6. He could have ran (probably wished he would have at times, lol), but he never did. He is an amazing Opa to my kids. He was the first picture I ever had of my Heavenly Father and he is a blessing to my family. 

Funny story, but awesome illustration. We lived in Stillwater, Oklahoma (Go Pokes!) and there is a particular car wash that my mom and I were in;  and my dad was in the car behind us. Well, it was an old Oldsmobile and somehow, I managed to get the car door open while my mom was driving out of the wash. I rolled out and all I remember was Dad’s car stopping and he rushed out to get me. If anyone else hadn’t seen me and hit me… Well, who knows. But what I remember is that my Daddy was there to protect and save me. Sometimes we need our dads to save us from ourselves. Kind of like we need our Heavenly Father to do and so He sent Jesus. 

I love Braid Paisley and he sang a song that reasonated with me because the lyrics could have been mine. It is a song called “He Didn’t Have to Be.”

I not only got the best dad, I was given the gift of a beautiful family that I instantly loved and wanted to be a part of their world. They accepted me without question. I had never experienced love, joy and affection and acceptance from people that were not blood family, as I was very young. It changed me to my core. I love my family wholeheartedly and will never be able to thank them for changing me. My Grandpa Jim always had something special he had made or picked out, My Granny sewed and cooked and taught me both. My cousins were my brothers. I loved all of them and as they never had a sister of their own, I happily took on the big sister role. ❤️ This side of my Dad’s family made me feel like I was never meant to be anywhere else. I wasn’t ever able to thank my cousin and grandfather in person for their love and acceptance. It meant everything to me. It showed me the power of family comes from God. He can choose a family that may never look like it will happen. 

Grandpa Jim ❤️

The Harmans taught me how to experience the family of Christ on Earth by their acceptance. We may not all think the same or be born into the family the same; but we love the same. Because Christ loved us first. They loved me first and acceptance followed. They will never know how much of an impact they had on me as a person and on what a family should be about. Each other. Our family isn’t perfect, but we are perfect in this family together and we are complete with Christ as the head of the family.

Foster and adoptive families know pain, suffering, anxiety and fear. And they look it in the eye and say, I will trust God more.  And He blesses them beyond measure. I can testify as the receiver. God came through for me. He took a bad situation and completely overruled it with good. And changes lives forever by forming families based on forgiveness, love, unselfishness, Mentorship, and Christ. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ with Royal bloodlines. My family has and continues to change me, for good. 

Thank you to those who open their hearts as step-parents, bio parents, adoptive parents, and foster parents. It is hard but it is worth it. These kids are worth it. ❤️

I know not every story is like mine. I am humbled and blessed but I also want to reach out to those who had a different ending. It is so easy to attach an Earthly father to God and the attributes lacking can be distorted by the enemy to project these on God. Our human minds cannot comprehend His ways. Please, know that humans will fail you, but He will not. He is patient, loving, understanding, forgiving and is all about restoring you. Not to where you were before, but a better place. The Shack opened my eyes to how much I had issues with doing this. Very good book.

Thanks Dad. Happy Birthday to you. I am sure glad you were born! 😄🎉🎂



https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BjO1F6oCab8 – Brad Paisley Video of “He Didn’t have to Be.”

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