We can all agree as social media continues to evolve, more than one of us have been known to look past those gorgeous smiles to the incredible marble countertops and massive curtains covering up beautiful windows. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could truly triumph in our “friend’s”success? My first feelings tend to be of good cheer… And I wish it ended there! Green shades of envy begin to glint across my eyes as I start to grumble my inner wants (jetted tub), luscious lawn, sparkling pool and a floor that looks like it was hand carved and swept daily. Wonder what they do to afford this? Covet Comparison Trap. Fell for it…again. #facepalm

One of the worst things that comes about with this yearning for granite countertops and/or a floor to ceiling library (complete with a rolling ladder) in life, is the feeling of discontentment that reinforces my unhappiness about my situation in life at the moment. (Usually when I am in a “waiting to hear from God now” phase.) Patience is indeed a virtue that God must feel I need to work on developing right now. 😄 This discontentment becomes a breeding ground for the enemy to strategically attack my heart while it is distracted by something temporary. 

Paul teaches us about how to be content in all situations. Now, I have heard this all my life and read it in the Bible. But, I sincerely struggled with this. I had a serious heart problem, and it was bigger than the things like my job, my overscheduling myself, and these ridiculous expectations I had created for myself to live up to that I was blaming as the causes of my unhappiness. 


The enemy constantly presented opportunities for me to choose to be busy with; so I lost focus of what The Lord has called me to do. I had stopped seeking what God wanted to do with my life. I prayed and asked, and then waited. And waited.  Then, I got tired of waiting and decided I had probably missed what He was trying to say. So, I began filling my time with substitutes for the real thing. (That should have been my first clue.) However, I hate wasting time. I prayed, “Lord, please show me! I am not getting any younger or less frustrated down here.”

To which, I am sure amused Him because He, not I, knows exactly how not young I am or will be. 😄 However, sometimes I feel that I need to remind God of the most obvious things He already knows. (If we think human micromanagers are bad…Good thing he is made of Love and Patience. 😄😁♥️)

“Don’t be upset about anything, no matter what is happening. Pray about it, and tell God your need. While you are waiting for God to move, be a very thankful and grateful person for all that God has done for you already.”


It’s easy to concentrate on other people’s successes when we are waiting on our own. It can make us very vulnerable to our enemy, who is out to completely destroy us. So the next time I see a house for sale way out of my price range and click that shiny virtual tour button, I should probably look at my own house I am blessed to own and start my own renovation project. Inside and out. I think Houses for Humanity might gain a volunteer this summer. ❤️👍

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