I grew up on a farm in Oklahoma and one of my absolute favorite times of the year was harvest. Professional grain harvesters came and stayed in our backyard by the barn in a trailer. They brought their families on their multi -states trips. Our friends had kids that traveled with them and I made some of the best memories playing in the back of the wheat truck and getting a cold Welch’s grape soda for free at the Co-Op. It was awesome. I loved making lunches and suppers for the guys in the field. (They were always so happy to see us!) The best water I have ever tasted came from my dad’s gallon of ice water covered in wheat dust. You can’t find that at Whole Foods.  ğŸ˜‰

Harvest meant a culmination of a growing season’s hard work. Farming is extremely difficult and frustrating. Weather has a mind of its own and still isn’t controllable yet. Every farm family has their own opinion of how farming should be done, and if you don’t agree, it’s okay. You’re just wrong. 😄 It requires constant upkeep, maintenance, nutrition, fertilization and irrigation to produce a stellar crop. (If commodity prices are decent) 

The Bible is full of stories about the harvest season. I shared this with my daughter and it is amazing what all she understands. I learn from her and my bonus son all of the time. Kids are amazing creations. ☀️


I hope to take the kids out to the farm this year and let them experience it for themselves. Harvest means something different and something much deeper to me now than it did back then. The Harvest Season is what reminds you in a very personal way how VERY good our God really is. He has delivered me from personal issues and healed me and my family, literally. And yet, sometimes I forget. Like the Israelites, I begin to grumble about my circumstances. I try to fix problems and get ahead of God’s timing and try to do His job. Because waiting in the unknown is hard. Emotional. Scary. The Land of the What-Ifs and Strategic Alliances and Planning. And it requires constant upkeep, maintenance, nutrition, fertilization and irrigation to produce a stellar crop. Just like a fruit, tree, vine or grain produced from Earth’s soil, we are vessels with potential for growth, beauty, fulfillment of goals and dreams and good works set ahead of our time for us to do. 

There will always be times in our lives where the answer will be wait. It is not often the answer we prefer. However, we have a choice. We can do the easy thing and let it guide us off course. Or. We can choose our Chazown. We can spend the time that is going to pass anyway praising the God of the Harvest. We can trust Him. Even when we really do not see a way. It’s because our eyes are not capable of seeing or understanding God’s plan. Let us seek Jesus everyday. Let us not grow weary in our waiting, for the harvest season is coming. We can trust God to help us grow in Him. 

It’s all about the relationship with Jesus. Don’t let the enemy over complicate it for you.If you don’t have a personal relationship with Christ and want it or are just curious; please explore that. It’s important that you do. 

If you prayed that prayer, welcome to the family of God. You will need a Bible and I would love to send you one if possible. My favorite app is YouVersion. https://www.youversion.com/ There are live services of worship at places all over the world that teach from the Bible as their base of reference. We can help find you one. 

Seeking Sonshine is what it’s all about, after all. ♥️
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