My husband and I get to teach children’s church at our church home once a month. It is amazing at how wonderful these messages are to the adults who watch these children and their curriculum! The kiddos get to play, watch Superbook and have some Q & A time before they go home with their parents. Today, the story was about Peter. I knew Peter was significant and have studied him before in a different way. Peter was the outspoken one. (We can all relate. If you don’t know who that is, then it could be you.) Peter, one of Jesus’ 12 chosen disciples, was told beforehand that God had given permission to Satan to sift him like wheat. 

Okay, stop.

Wouldn’t that be awesome if Jesus told us every time that mean guy had been given permission to come after us? A heads up would be fantastic! (Yes we know, roaring lion roaming, but to get a text saying…”devil is gonna be working your emotions today. Stay alert. I am praying your faith won’t fail you.” would be kind of cool. I mean, this is the 21st century. We have the technology.  👍😈

The interesting story about Peter is best explained, in my opinion, here:

I love kids’ Bibles and curriculum. It is so much easier and the main morals or principles are highlighted. How much easier than my note taking, over complicating, over analysis papers trying to discover what Jesus meant! You can do all that… or you can just look it up as a kids’ version of the story and get the point much faster. 😀 Peter denied he knew Jesus three times. He failed the sifting. 

Boy, can I relate. 

I just heard for the first time today that Peter was thought to be Jonah’s son. Jonah. The guy who said no to Ninevah had a son who would say no to knowing Jesus. Interesting. His dad probably let Simon Peter know all about the consequences of not following through when it came to obeying God.  (His punishments may have been harsh! It took a whale to make me listen, what am I going to do with you, Simon Peter? Don’t make me sic a whale on you, boy!)

Isn’t it odd that both father and son experienced God in a personal way through their unique professions and make up to challenge their small faiths and demand they develop boldness with their faith. So unshakeable, it is like a rock. Peter brings 3,000 souls to Christ in one preaching. He denied him thrice, was restored thrice, and blessed thrice. Interesting, indeed. Both men were passionate about their causes but each were distracted and discouraged easily. Jesus invested in this family line by using more than one generation to illustrate redemption and forgiveness. It wasn’t until they were each humbled greatly, that they began to truly understand Jesus’ plan for forgiveness, mercy and  restoration. Peter was the first recipient in this manner, in a way.

I googled the themes of 1 & 2 Peter. The two books he is thought to have contributed to our Bibles.

Shepherd the flock.

Submit to God and resist the devil.

Have the attitude of Christ.

His grace is life changing.

Faithful growth in Christ. 

From someone who witnessed our Lord personally. Don’t you want to read these books with a better understanding of who Peter was? How great he became when he finally focused completely on Christ and did not care about anything else more. That is the example we can learn, in my opinion. 

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