This week has been full of fear, anger, loss, shock and grief in America. Social media feeds are filled with pictures and memorials for those who, because of injustice, have fallen at the hand of hatred. News reports are grim and the air seems almost heavy with tension. Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter and all sorts of hashtags are prevalent in much of these talks and reports. Where do we go from here? Where is the justice for those innocent people who died? Where is the line drawn? When is it enough? How do we explain this to our children if we cannot make sense of it ourselves? What do we do? 

1. Know the REAL enemy.

Please look at this.!/
This is a list of the global conflicts around the world. We are grappling with loss, fear, murder and hatred within our borders. 

We are not alone. Look at the world around us. Not just in modern days, but ancient days as well. Understand this not in a way as not to minimize the tragedies we are suffering. Rather, analyze it as fruits of a spiritual nature and recognize the trends. 

The true trends behind the veil of an Earthly shadow.

We know the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. Those are all active verbs. Think about it again. Active verbs. Not past tense. Right now. We can identify our enemy by looking at the theft going on in our lives. People robbed of their peace, joy, family, love and freedom. Replaced with loss, fear, anxiety, paranoia, stress, anger, bitterness, and hatred. Look at the deaths of those around the world caused by the hands of another for whatever reason they deem justifiable. Consider the destruction that is being endured by brothers and sisters everywhere across the globe because of wars against other human beings. 

One word definition = Separation. 

The devil wants us separated from each other and ESPECIALLY from God. If he can turn us against ourselves, we make his job a lot easier. 

It’s time for us to wise up then rise up.

2. Understand the true nature of the battles.

Decide whose side you are on.

3. Examine our hearts and pray a bold prayer.

My pastor preached a strong message today. It challenged us as a church to examine our own hearts and see if there be any wicked ways in us. This prayer is one that King David wrote himself. Change me, Lord.
It can be as simple as this: “Teach me to see people as You do and love them like You do.” (Don’t worry, He will. 😄)

4. Put on the full armor of God each and every day.
A counselor told us in our Biblical Counseling training program at Vine Life Ministries that she put on her armor in the shower. She imbedded it as part of her morning route of getting ready for the day. This is what we should be doing every day! We know our enemy prowls around looking for folks without their armor. Once again, let’s not make his job easier to destroy us! (Note to self)

5. Take EVERY thought captive and watch what we say

The enemy wants our hearts. Why? Our hearts are the wellsprings of our lives. King Solomon, the son of the man after God’s own heart, says this:

But why our hearts?
What we say and how we react to things are great ways to do “heart checkups” on issues. We need to examine ourselves from time to time and realize these powerful and true statements:

So no more surrendering territory to the enemy. Not today. Not from me or my family. Not while Jesus is around to do something about it and not while He died and win the battle for us. Satan will receive his justice. God’s got that.We cannot let him fool us into thinking that people need to pay the price. The source of the evil is what demands justice. People are merely tools. The real enemy can always find another person to wreak as much or more havoc in the world. We, as Christians, have the power inside of us that raised Christ from the dead. The One Who won the war against Satan already. His destiny is sealed. Let’s send his friends back where they will soon be bound forever. We have access to this victorious power through His Name. 

Let’s love one another and fight the enemy of our souls, a/ka The Real Enemy.

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Proverbs 4