*This is a get real viewpoint on a major struggle for me. If you struggle with something similar or can relate to any of these messages, insert your own problem, issue or situation in and imagine the story your way. 😄

I am terrible at nutrition. Let’s just get that out of the way, first. I still want to eat like I did when I was 17 and I got kids to raise, ya’ll. They are getting too old and too smart to miss out on my poor diet choices, anymore. My daughter will straight up say a prayer for me if I order or drink a soda. She knows that it is terrible for me, and my mom has convinced her to drop everything and lift her Mama up in prayer because she has a seemingly incurable sweet tooth. Great example, I am not. I loathe the reaction my body has to being lazy. It is like it is out for display all the time for all the world to see. And condemn. And judge. Because that’s what  I hear is happening in my head and those are the things I believe. 

Why? I know who and where my problems are with and located. Sometimes I attack with tenacity and fortitude. Other times, I feel weak. I am vulnerable in the area of external beauty determining internal worth. Many attacks have great success because of my weakness in this area. I cannot seem to muster up enough of what I need to matter in order to tip the scales. (Pun intended)



We know in this world, we will know trouble because of Jesus’ words in John 16:33. We know Jesus has overcome. But what does that actually look like? What is the root cause of this current predicament?  Hard Truth. I am pretty sure I am an emotional eater. Have I really replaced comfort with Jesus for my grandma’s tried and true spaghetti recipe? Surely not. I tell myself it is about family and traditions and less about calories and more nutritional substitutes. Except… It’s not. 

When my comfort comes in the form of something I produce from my own hands that requires no elements of trust in hands proven to be greater than my own; then it is a cheap substitute. A/K/A Idol alert. Something I can see and feel immediately but has serious drawbacks long term. And still, I choose my own results over God’s. I am just like the Israelites that we all now want to slap upside the head, but in my heart, I know I am no better. Modern day Israelite. Tied to my own standards that I cannot attain as the model for my biased opinion of others concerning me. Hmmmm. Sounds like something I get really mad at my husband when I have deemed he has done this to me. Maybe it is more than my own self I am frustrated with…


So I am actually more of an Esau. Just who I want my Bible Twin to be….not. He definitely had his priorities out of whack. But how many times have I traded my bowl of stew for my birthright? Answer: Every time I listen to the enemy’s lies about who I am. I just hand it over time and time again like it’s nothing. And become stagnant about my own condition. Yikes. Time for a plan. 

Birthright over Bowel.

There is a sticky statement for you. 😄

The journey continues tomorrow…❤️

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