My life has taken multiple directions the past few years. Most recently, it has turned in an amazing career path change as a teacher. I have been in training for the past few days and have had to examine some hard truths about myself that have I been long overdue with dealing with. (Who knows what I am saying?)

I need to plan. And be able to follow a plan. Stick something through and finish strong. Hmmm. Let’s just say, for example, that if issues I am struggling with and putting off were classified as items in a refrigerator; then these areas I just described would be the take-out you forgot about that you don’t want to talk about because that would mean accepting that this situation is something you might identify with. I know I am capable of doing more than I can imagine with Christ in me. So why have I waited so long to confront and resolve these issues? Well, they’re hard and I am a person of habits. Also, I fight laziness and procrastination with things that don’t sound fun sometimes. I am sooooo not perfect or even close. (Sorry if you expected more from this blogger, lol!)  

Planning and executing are not this Sanguine’s best traits when I am not walking in the Spirit. (Which obviously I am not doing since I am experiencing some rebellion coming from somewhere. Like my waistline.) Obviously, I am not blind to the many benefits it would have on my life. And I can tell you why I have not been successful in this area. I fight procrastination and perfectionism a lot. It is not fun. Sometimes, it’s like I sabotage myself for failure before I even start. 

So what do you do when the struggle is real? Take the Spirit to your struggle. Make sure you also fight the right spirit responsible for your struggle.

I posted a couple of videos from one of my favorite pastors, Pastor Steven Furtick from Elevation Church in North Carolina and the world via Internet, on the Seeking Sonshine Blog’s Facebook page ( this past week.

I shared these for two reasons. 

1.) The first one I posted conveyed the message, “Talk TO Your problem. Christ is in you. You are enough.” – Steven Furtick

Because sometimes we need to be reminded of the power we have access to. This includes the power to help make lasting changes, successfully.

2.) “The same struggle that you’re taking as a sign that you’re going to be destroyed is actually a sign that you’re going to be delivered. Because if the devil could have destroyed you, he would have by now. The fact that you’re still struggling is a sign that you’re going to make it (see Philippians 1:28).” – Steven Furtick

We must pray and seek God as to who our real enemy is behind lasting change when it feels too far beyond reach. We have all heard the Bible Verse that with God, anything is possible. But has it been a personal statement confirmed for us by God, Himself? In other words, have we ever had a time when we HAD to rely on God to come through, and He did? And what if we feel He hasn’t come through for us in the past? We need to get this right. We need to pray and seek perspective on our situations and figure them out with God’s help. The struggle and uncomfortableness is worth it. It is so easy to make a kid do something when we know the outcome is worth the struggle. But we often miss it in our own lives. 

Let’s ask for help to conquer these major and minor struggles in our lives. I will need a way to help me with self discipline and willpower control. You know, things I have lived with for only 29 years now…. #yeahright #twentieslonggone

Part Three… Coming soon. ❤️
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