Esther is pretty awesome. I have always admired her story and her bravery. She lived in a time when her predecessor, Queen Vashti, was made to be an example of women who do not respect their husbands because she did not come when her husband wanted her to. She, in turn, was banished. Banished! 

Esther had a lot more that was considered “wrong for a woman” than Vashti. Maybe Vashti was having a bad hair day. King Xerxes wanted to show her off and maybe she had a mani/pedi scheduled and no one interrupts her “me” time, perhaps. Or maybe she was asleep or it could have been really humid. Maybe she forgot to take her makeup off so she may have looked truly terrifying with smeared eyeliner and bed head when he wanted to “show off her beauty.” Whatever it was, it earned her a one way ticket to splitsville and the First Bachelor begins. 

Esther’s parents had passed away when she was young, and her Uncle Mordecai took her in as his own daughter. She was very beautiful. (I picture her as resembling  Vivien Leigh or Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly blend of beauty) This was a woman who had felt loss and knew danger. I imagine she felt much gratitude to Mordecai, but also was scared he was signing her death warrant. The same man who saved her life when her parents died was the same one asking her to give it up for her people years later. Talk about fear of the unknown… 

There is more to beauty than lines on a face or numbers on a scale. There really is. It is hard to accept myself, some days. But, Esther had outward beauty enhanced by an inward glow that demanded attention. And eventually received attention from King Xerxes, himself.

How can we attain a beauty like Esther? The outward illumination of a well fed soul inside is evidence of Christ like Beauty in someone’s life.

I love this story that a Mom shares about her daughter. Courtney and Breanna’s story is a heart wrenching one, painted with grace.

They both have an Esther like based on Christ like Beauty. Let’s define this as follows: Perseverance, aided by the choices made thoughtfully in prayer and words written in Scripture, will remind us daily (and/or several times a day!) how beautiful we are in and through Christ. 

Will we answer the call when it is our turn to step up? 

This is the choice we have to make before anything can happen. What do we truly believe? Is it worth my life? These are questions that demand our attention. We must wrestle with our faith and finally get to and then stay in a place where God is perfecting and refining our faith instead of handing it out to us over and over again because we are all out. 

What is our answer?

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