“Happily Ever After” were three of my most favorite words growing up. Back then, it meant that everything worked out in the end and everyone was happy! ❤️ The story that was being told was over, and this was closure for us kids. Somehow, this Disney ending worked its way into my brain as an achievable goal at some point in time. It began to set itself up as a standard for me to achieve or a destination to arrive upon. Our enemy loves to distort our lives with pictures from his deadly arsenal of comparison. 

Comparing with others is an absolute guarantee for failure. Someone who understood the importance of comparing with a “God Lens” instead of a worldly one makes all the difference in the world. 

I love this particularly great article that features Gideon in detail. 

It really spoke to me where I am at right now. 

“…fear doesn’t make you a weak leader, but it’s what you do in spite of fear that makes you a great leader!” – Debbie Kitterman

It is hard to step out into the unknown. So many voices of doubt and fear. If only getting rid of fear was a one time forever deal, am I right? It is a myriad of choice after choice trying to hear God’s footsteps and follow in the right direction. Every step we can. (I am pretty sure He accounts for us running back the other direction sometimes!) 

It’s all about our heart. Not our feelings. Not our emotions. Not even logic, sometimes. God defies all human expectations. We have to accept that to some degree and stop trying to treat Him like a genie who grants wishes or a punching bag when we need one. (I am definitely including myself in the “we” referenced above. 😄)

Gideon sought the Lord prior to battle. Not as a last resort that all you have left is prayer… When you look at what you have to conquer and you forget Who is in you to help out, it makes any task seem impossible. Overwhelming. Unachievable. But, when we remember who is in us, we realize we only need 300 soldiers with God instead of 32,000.

“Gideon begins his leadership with religious reform in his own household by destroying idols worshipped by his own family and the local community. A brave act at the time, requiring the cover of darkness. The most memorable part of Gideon’s story is his “putting out the fleece,” seeking validation of God’s direction prior to proceeding into battle. Once Gideon is assured, God pares his army down from 32,000 to a mere 300. God again gives Gideon confidence by allowing him to overhear a conversation expressing fear in the Midianite camp. The attack ensues with a victory for God through Gideon’s leadership. Gideon leads many more successful battles, freeing Israel from the nomad invasion. The Israelites desire to give Gideon and his family a royal appointment over the nation. Gideon refuses saying, “the Lord will rule over you” (Judges 8:23). Now if the story had ended here, Gideon would go down in history as a flawless leader. However, truth prevails in God’s Word and the rest of Gideon’s story is less praiseworthy.

Here are the business lessons I take away from this story:
Ordinary people can do extraordinary things when we follow God’s lead.

We need to enter the battlefield with a pure heart.

God gives us assurance and encouragement when we need and ask for them.

Power corrupts.

Our legacy is not dependent on battles won today, but rather living life with integrity and going the distance with God.” – Jim Mullaney


Sometimes, actually doing the tasks and being obedient is so much easier than we told ourselves it would be when we put it off over and over. (Not speaking from experience or anything…😉)

It’s time. Let’s do this. Let’s step out into our calling with JOY and a heart of gratitude for giving us the gift of another day to make a difference where we are. ❤️
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