*I meant to publish this last Saturday, June 2, 2018. Oops! πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

This is my backpack (Thanks for the rental, Loraine!) buried underneath my stuff I am taking to Haiti. We fly out tomorrow morning, but I am making sure I have what I need…still. I have been dreaming about tomorrow for years. It feels surreal that it is actually happening. My connection to Haiti began back in 2012. I sponsored a little girl named Emilie, just like my one year old daughter at the time. You . We wrote to her and learned so much about her and her family and they about us. If you have ever felt the tug to sponsor a child, I pray you consider saying yes. It is incredible to watch your child learn and grow and change all the time! I first started researching Haiti in 2012 and initially planned a trip to visit then. Those plans fell through due to a massive downturn in the oil and gas industry. But, I kept believing that at the right time, I would get to go to Haiti. That time came this year.

I saw a sign in our church hallway that said the Haiti trip meeting between services. I was singing on the worship team that morning and remember being late to second service!! I had to sign up right away and start this adventure in motion. I love our church and their heart for missions. I get to become a foreign missionary and help encourage those who are set up in long term ministry in Haiti. It’s amazing what God can do with only a few!

All that being said, you know me and my Israelite side. I am fighting thoughts of fear and the unknown. Anxiety and worries have tried to endlessly drown out any joy. I realize the power of the helmet of salvation and its ability to silence the distortion and lies of the enemy. What better way to do this than to sing praise to Jesus? In the midst of being a fearful person, how can someone fear the Lord and not man or circumstances or outcomes?

To Be Continued…