The night we experienced in Northwest Haiti was intense. We stayed with missionaries Bruce and Deb Robinson. Bruce answered the missionary call thirty five years ago to move to Haiti and use his engineering skills to bring clean, safe water to villages in NW Haiti. He has laid more than forty miles of pipeline already, giving life sustaining water to the people in the remote villages in NW Haiti. He shared with us about how mission trips from all of the world would have people come to Haiti, install wells for these remote villages and share Jesus with them. Then, they returned home to the States. The well would eventually break and there was no one in the village who knew how to fix and maintain it. The villagers associated Jesus as someone who helps for a bit but breaks and can’t be counted on to sustain life. Bruce and Deb operate a company called Odrino that helps install and maintain wells and structures for Haitians. They have created jobs for people of Haiti, who suffer from an approximate 85% unemployment rate nationwide. The Robinsons welcome teams from around the globe to bunk at a group house and volunteer as well. They had two interns who were staying for a few weeks to learn the trade hands on from an expert engineer while we were there. Their story and ministry is incredible.

We sat around Bruce and Deb’s table that night with his two interns (one a recent Ohio State grad and another a Texas A&M junior) and our STEP missionaries along with our mission trip team. Deb prepared the most delicious meal of honey mustard chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and cole slaw with cake for dessert. We were in heaven. I loved Haitian cuisine but this farm girl’s favorite comfort food is mashed potatoes. πŸ˜‚ And comfort we needed. Bruce opened up his Bible and his heart to us about the spiritual attacks, hardships and battles they were enduring and had been for years in the area. We had three men around the table who had been to seminary, and Bruce was needing prayer and wisdom for the spiritual warfare he was facing. Wawa was calm and spoke about his story and testimony that involved being a voodoo priest’s son; and how Jesus turned his life and his father’s life around, eventually leading to his father’s graduation from STEP Seminary and building a church where his voodoo practice had been. What a powerful testimony!!!! He also reminded us all how we must view people on Earth as people who are no different than us; but are currently choosing a different path for what they desire most. (Safety for their family, peace, worth, etc.) It is a fear based tactic that pries on our natural, flesh based weaknesses. Wawa reminded us to look to Jesus for the victory He won over ALL the forces of darkness. We prayed powerful spiritual warfare prayers and worshiped together around that table. Wawa played old hymns on the recorder and we sang along. It was a moving and powerful experience I will never forget. We walked back to the team quarters and tried to sleep. The heat was intense and we could hear the drums that were beating to summon spirits not far from our bunkhouse. Later in the night, loud wailing filled the air. We didn’t know what was going on but we prayed a lot that night!

The next morning, we went back to the Robinsons where we learned the wailing was due to a man dying during the night. I began to realize that spiritual warfare was much clearer in Haiti than I had ever known it to be anywhere else. It was like the veil was ripped in half once the plane crossed into Haitian airspace. It was seeing the battle with my eyes all across that country. It wasn’t invisible there. We ate and prayed with the Robinsons and made our way back to Port-Au-Prince. I sat in the back with Wawa and some members of our team and just asked him question after question about spiritual warfare and how to pray and what to pray, etc. He recommended I read the book of Job, saying it was the best book of the Bible about spiritual warfare.

Skip forward a few days. I was home and opened up my email. I had not checked it in seven days and it was ridiculous. But one of the emails stood out like it was bolded and the rest of the print faded away. It was an email from Lifeway and was advertising Lisa Harper’s newest Bible Study over the book of… you guessed it, Job. I ordered it immediately of course. I dove into it and it is incredible.

Make no mistake, we are in a battle no matter where we live. That night in NW Haiti opened my eyes to it in a whole new way. Our prayers matter. We cannot defeat the enemy without Jesus. We can make a difference for our families and our world by immersing in the Word and living it out. Christine Caine delivered an impeccable word at Life.Church a few weeks ago about this. I highly encourage you to take the 40 minutes and listen. Our enemy is brilliant and knows us well. He has a plan for your life and it is to steal from you, kill you and destroy you and all you love in both the spiritual and physical realms. He cannot have your soul as a Christian but he can render you useless for Christ.

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